Monday, March 31, 2008

The Gut Full

or perhaps more accurately for me, 'the lung full'. I'd paid the cash so I coughed and spluttered my way to the start line of the Big Hill Events 'Gut Full' Marathon. 90km was on the cards today, and while I hadn't yet marshaled when the man behind the mike said go, I made my best effort to make it up to the front of the field in what was almost a replica of last years events. However that's where the similarities stopped. It took ten minutes for my lungs to start emptying out all sorts of wonderful colours and flavours and I decided my day was done. Yep, that cold is hanging around.

I made it to the first feed zone at 22km, had my fill of the delicious Degani bakery treats, had a chat to the army of support crew that had volunteered their time (champions) and then Sleeman (doing his one XC race for the year) rolled in. He'd entered the 36.5km option, which sounded like much more fun than 90km. I made the switch and we rolled along, had a chat, pinned the tacky single track sections. I gave him a push when his legs didn't want to go fast uphill before setting of in pursuit of some positions. Results here. Yep, 2nd place Open Men 36.5km.

Originally they had me down as winning the 90km event with an average speed of 46km/h, but I couldn't convince them I actually did it. So short was my day that Stephen Rowe was only able to capture me once. Heading up to the podium for my, controversial according to Joel, 2nd place. Thanks to the endless list of sponsors including Felt Bicycles (donated the bike in the background below), Total Rush, Croydon CycleWorks, SRAM, Rock Shox, Endura, Maxxis. Even down in the 36.5km race the schwag was good, and you didn't need to be on the podium. I think those without a spot prize were the minority on the day. Garmin data here if you're really bored.

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