Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pain & Suffering

That's what Otways was meant to be, but funnily doesn't feel that tough now that it's over...and I look like a character from American Dad after having my wisdom teeth stolen. Yeah, Otways was long but a damn fun epic as well. There's nothing fun about this.

Rapid Ascent has me 51st overall in a time of 6:31:05. The week previous to race day was constant bedtime at 2am, fast food diet and one hour on the bike so I'll take it. No cramping, no real suffering, just a long fun ride through some sweet trails with a bit of pushing in the mud. OK, a fair bit of pushing in the mud, that was so slow in places that the Garmin thought I was stopped, hence I'm lacking 10 minutes from the race time over on MotionBased. With endless riders in front, beside and behind though the pushing was perhaps made most difficult by the comments from those around and the resulting laughter.

Thanks to Kathryn Feldmaier over at for the pics, and to the Orbea boys for once again providing a place to crash although I could have done without the Coke shower. Yes Nathan, coke fizzes when you shake it. See you all next year for another epic made better by everyone putting their rubbish in their pockets, not on the track. Now, back to bed.

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Scott Liston said...

Grover, your images aren't working. stop holding out man!