Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's All Happening

D-Mac's made the podium over in Switzerland with Offenburg tomorrow.
Trevva's wearing green and gold in Georgia with Brasstown Bald tonight.

My new helmet fits like a glove.

I got some Torq treats to try...mmm, black cherry yoghurt

and a couple of unknowns from GU. Word has it 'New Flavour' is unreal.

I finally found a compact 5 bolt spider for my spare set of xtr cranks, so the single speed is now 2x9 and coming in at 8.7kg. A 29" wheel looks like it might squeeze in the rigid fork so I may have to experiment with this being a 69er in the near future.

Shock, horror, I did some riding as well.

Up the 'nongs with a bunch of ex-Goldcross boys for some Anzac Bergs yesterday. Check that max speed!

Today eventually turned into a spin through the rollers of Warrandyte and surrounds with Cam and Cam Snr. I say eventually as it took Cam a while to get in the swing of things.

He wasn't too keen on the idea when I showed at his place.

We hit the bakery, I polished off a meat pie and a lemon tart

and followed it up with a sausage roll and jam tart. Lemon tart wins the desert battle hands down, a tie between the pie and sausage roll in the savory column. All I know is I will be revisiting that bakery.

After food Cam fired up and was back to his old tricks, pictured stealing his old man's bike.

Start a new rotation this week, Cardio. So don't ask me about them unless you want to be bombarded with stories of funky coloured sputum and infectious diseases.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BMC 100...Like a Cat

I had about 9 lives on Sunday at the BMC 100, and I lost the last one with 30km to go. Such was my lack of riding in the lead up I resorted to running in the previous week which resulted in some mystery left foot pain. Luckily the only shoes that didn't cause pain were cycling shoes so when the alarm went at 6am with the mercury at 7Cs I dragged myself out of bed and into the warmth of Jimmy's car. For some reason he didn't want to come out, he was blaming the cold, but I wouldn't want to come out in that either.
Ten minutes to race time I was still in thermals and PJs thanks to a nice queue at the dunnies. Somehow when the gun went off I was ready and had slotted neatly into about the 5th row. With only one bottleneck to speak of we careered through the first 25km of pure bliss, the constant flowing singletrack urging you to push harder and harder. We all knew we should hold back, but the trails didn't allow it.

For the next 45km I spent my 9 lives. Repeatedly blowing up enjoying the endless singletrack before chowing down and coming back to life. Like a kid in a candy store I couldn't resist the temptation and so at 70km I was done. My back was cactus and as I crested the climb to be told I was sitting about 50th overall I spied watermelon at the feed zone and I caved in. I couldn't have thought of anything better at that moment and took a breather, chowing down on what has to be the greatest food on earth washed down with the Gu2O that was on hand. Quite a tasty drop, although it's got nothing on the brilliance of Endura's Banana Optimizer.

The remaining 30km allowed some breaks of flat fire road, but they also threw in most of the climbing, and the roughest singletrack, so I had a lovely period of pretty much hating life. Things smoothed out in the last 5km to finish on more wickedly fun singletrack though so I crossed the line quite content. GPS data here and results are up, telling me that I finished 35th overall, which happened to be a 2nd place category finish, so I scored some schwag courtesy of DirtWorks for my trouble.
Race central had an awesome setting, with a very relaxed afternoon spent in the sun thanks to the silly early start time. Hats of to Muzza, the man seems to be finding some awesome form after winning the Gut Full Marathon a few weeks back, he took line honours today after a solid 5th place finish on the skinny wheels up Baw Baw the day before.

Oh yeah, new kit this week...


Yet to try either out in their true form, but the helmet is head nirvana after the initial fitting, and the lights weigh nothing and are extra useful thanks to the recently released headband.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Time Warp

Got sucked in by daylight savings this morning, so an extra hour chamois time was spent doing the washing and other lovely mundane tasks not normally completed in lycra. Eventually made it out to Kew to meet the Orbea boys for a cruise around the rollers of Warrandyte. A couple turned back early, excuses included a broken collarbone and recovering from a 24 solo effort. I'll let them slide this time.

This followed what was initially billed as a 'cruise' on Saturday but quickly turned race without numbers when we came across a couple of other bunches up The Wall. Bellie, Ash, Jacko, Clacka, and who could forget 'the engine', Joel Reid. They all left me to fight for my self with the other stragglers. They were nice enough to wait at the top though, so I was able to participate in the fun that is 1in20 bunch descending.

Two days, two 3 hour rides, similar k's, similar climbing, two very different rides. Just to really mix it up I stopped by Lysterfield on my way home on Friday. Lots of wind means trail changes, and it's now as close to 'cross as we'll get for a while down under. A picture tells a thousand words, now image a thousand of these pictures. That's a loop at Lysterfield at the moment.

PS. 3rd ascent of Buller for the Easter weekend, no food for 3 hours before the ride and no food with me. Can anyone pick where everything went dark, the tunnel vision started, and I went from 50 minute pace, to hour 20 pace? Not pretty, no wonder I felt so rubbish.