Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's All Happening

D-Mac's made the podium over in Switzerland with Offenburg tomorrow.
Trevva's wearing green and gold in Georgia with Brasstown Bald tonight.

My new helmet fits like a glove.

I got some Torq treats to try...mmm, black cherry yoghurt

and a couple of unknowns from GU. Word has it 'New Flavour' is unreal.

I finally found a compact 5 bolt spider for my spare set of xtr cranks, so the single speed is now 2x9 and coming in at 8.7kg. A 29" wheel looks like it might squeeze in the rigid fork so I may have to experiment with this being a 69er in the near future.

Shock, horror, I did some riding as well.

Up the 'nongs with a bunch of ex-Goldcross boys for some Anzac Bergs yesterday. Check that max speed!

Today eventually turned into a spin through the rollers of Warrandyte and surrounds with Cam and Cam Snr. I say eventually as it took Cam a while to get in the swing of things.

He wasn't too keen on the idea when I showed at his place.

We hit the bakery, I polished off a meat pie and a lemon tart

and followed it up with a sausage roll and jam tart. Lemon tart wins the desert battle hands down, a tie between the pie and sausage roll in the savory column. All I know is I will be revisiting that bakery.

After food Cam fired up and was back to his old tricks, pictured stealing his old man's bike.

Start a new rotation this week, Cardio. So don't ask me about them unless you want to be bombarded with stories of funky coloured sputum and infectious diseases.

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Some Guy said...

Mmm... Pie. Might have to try that place out next time I'm over that way.