Sunday, April 06, 2008

Time Warp

Got sucked in by daylight savings this morning, so an extra hour chamois time was spent doing the washing and other lovely mundane tasks not normally completed in lycra. Eventually made it out to Kew to meet the Orbea boys for a cruise around the rollers of Warrandyte. A couple turned back early, excuses included a broken collarbone and recovering from a 24 solo effort. I'll let them slide this time.

This followed what was initially billed as a 'cruise' on Saturday but quickly turned race without numbers when we came across a couple of other bunches up The Wall. Bellie, Ash, Jacko, Clacka, and who could forget 'the engine', Joel Reid. They all left me to fight for my self with the other stragglers. They were nice enough to wait at the top though, so I was able to participate in the fun that is 1in20 bunch descending.

Two days, two 3 hour rides, similar k's, similar climbing, two very different rides. Just to really mix it up I stopped by Lysterfield on my way home on Friday. Lots of wind means trail changes, and it's now as close to 'cross as we'll get for a while down under. A picture tells a thousand words, now image a thousand of these pictures. That's a loop at Lysterfield at the moment.

PS. 3rd ascent of Buller for the Easter weekend, no food for 3 hours before the ride and no food with me. Can anyone pick where everything went dark, the tunnel vision started, and I went from 50 minute pace, to hour 20 pace? Not pretty, no wonder I felt so rubbish.

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