Monday, May 19, 2008

2008 RockHop 6hour

My phone rooster was crowing again, does anyone else think it's odd that my alarm was set earlier on my days off than on my work days? It felt like I'd just got to sleep but it was time to get up if I was going to have any chance of making it out to the race.

and I made it, Scotty Liston was travel company today. Note the bike of many talents aka 'Grover Special' as termed by Rohin.

This was the track, and while it was muddy, I was hoping for slush and was constantly threatened throughout the day when I talkaed of the need for more rain. I'd overcompensated with my tyre choice and was not going quickly. Having lent my other tyres to Scott for the day, which happened to be ideal, I was left pushing tractor tyres through glue all day with heavy roadie legs.

My partner for the day was the ever flying Joel Reid. Who chose paper to my rock which resulted in me starting. As you can tell the hill they sent us up to start with had me cooked a minute in.

Beaconsfield is a rather techy track, and being wet and not having ridden there in a while my line choice wasn't great. First lap rock garden, I miss the line completely, and...

Great fun was had with my excessive tread depth, while making me creep most of the time, was biting well on the steep descents

and techy corners.

The sun came out and you can see it was getting rather warm in the long sleeve jersey and thermal base layer

and the track dried out even more

making my legs cry even more pushing the tractor tyres.

Now for the good news.

Joel Reid was my partner

and doesn't know how to go slow.

Moral of the story, equipment choice is important, Beaconsfield is a sweet course even with the wrong equipment, and you still do well when you ride with Joel. He brought it home to pickup a position in the last 300metres putting Total Rush Black onto the podium in third.

Results here. Joel snagged second fastest lap, only bettered by Scott on my tyres who was stomping around his local track. Thanks to Dirtriders for running it, TotalRush for giving me the chance to ride it, Scotty for the lift out and back and the photographers out on course for making everyone's race reports that much more colourful, Stephen Rowe and David Bailey.

Now to clean up

the Grover special

is filthy.

but how good are those cranks, mmm, polished.

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