Saturday, May 31, 2008


The next episode of Felt's Epix is scheduled for tomorrow and earlier in the week I signed up for the adventure. Being holidays though I haven't missed a day on the bike since last Friday.

Amongst a photo finish second place at Tour De Burbs on Tuesday, the rigid single speed adventure on Wednesday and multiple 100km days running errands the legs were heavy yesterday. So I finished them off nicely with a 6 hour jaunt to Arthur's Seat where I was lucky enough to catch a block headwind all the way home to really roast them.

Fair to say they didn't like my mode of transport out and about last night...

...the new fixie (tweaks to setup still needed).

Everything's crossed I survive tomorrow, I think Monday will be a rest day. Time for plenty of water, plenty of pasta, a little easy roadie rolling, and hopefully not too many fixie k's tonight out and about.

Finally a call out, anyone have some gold parts? Another fixie project (not mine) requires anything in

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Ash Thomas said...

does rust count? If so, I've got heaps you can have ;)