Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fading Light

Work last night

hence Yarra trails started in the light

I know what side of the fence I'd rather be.

The sun set, I arrived at Ivanhoe half an hour earlier than Fatties ride so didn't hang around.

The SS 69er and I had to find my phone which jumped out of my pocket somewhere in the vicinity of the picture above on the trip in.

Mark from America asked me to report on how I like the 69er. Well no real tests yet, but the big front wheel definitely smooths out the trail. Rigid is no longer as jarring.

This was certainly tempting on the way home, smashed legs from days of roadie k's made worse by spinning silly on the SS as I drafted behind the occasional commuter.

Got some good trails in, and weren't they slick, 2.5 hours all up before taking off to work.

PS. Found my phone, turns out it never jumped into my pocket and was at home all the time.

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