Monday, May 19, 2008

No More Sleep

It seems there isn't enough time in the day again...

Clinics, bike shop, giro, my never ending bike tinkering, it feels like I actually don't have time to sleep.

This week

I got some super sweet new cranks for the 'bike of many talents'. Any guesses?

and also wasted some time tinkering with a new toy, patience people, details will come. (Quite Ash).

Friday came and I figured it was time to relax after a fairly hectic week

alas I wasted away the morning racing up some bergs in the 'nongs

doing monos

getting a 'cross fix

and came home shot. Then I realised I had a million things to do and spent the rest of the day running errands at Chadstone, basketball reffing and then got to bed at some silly hour of the morning after fixing a bike for a guy that had tracked me down after hearing stories that I was a good mechanic, odd but nice to know I've done some good work in the past for people to recommend me.

The alarm buzzed almost instantly to get me up for a spot of hell riding. Raining out=back to bed. Seems everyone agreed with me except Bellie and Clacka. Eventually I arose and got a call from Sammy B who'd done his back asking if I could race the Dirtriders RockHop 6hour. It was pouring out, so I filled the time before more reffing building a 'Grover Special' to suit the expected slush the following day. Again to bed at a silly hour of the morning after Tess' 21st with no packing for the race done.

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