Saturday, May 03, 2008

Racing Rain

Friday, hills pre-rain.

Started with some fireworks (well smoking engines at least) not 2km from home when someone decided not to give way.

Tapped our way out to the 1in20 and all proceeded to smash our way up. I came home in the low 16's despite a workman wrecking the beat with his stop sign. Half a min quicker than I've been in recent times though so quite happy.

Clouds were rolling in so we shot down the elbow to Ferntree Gulley and booted home. Lucky me got in with just a few drops falling, the others had another 15mins to get home and got drenched. I found it funny.

They all had some laughs as well though when this came by. Maybe the aftermath of earlier judging by the smoke that was pouring out of one of the cars.

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