Sunday, May 11, 2008

Skinny Racing

It's been four years but I pinned on a number and went around on the roadie yesterday. 17+1 laps of Phillip Island's GP Circuit, but we'll get to the plus one later.

Plenty of familiar faces when the hitters were out including

a Braunstein in Daniel (7) in the break as always

and Jimmy (94) rolling around to finish in the bunch.

Then I had a spin in B grade which was supposedly 17 laps.

I sat in for half the race

then got bored and had a couple off laps of the front with this dude that kept putting it in the gravel traps, an underlying urge to turn mtber perhaps?

Unable to sit idle in the bunch upon my return I had another couple of digs until I found myself leading a group of 4 off the front with 3 to go. Unfortunately the next time we came around we were shown 3 to go again, and that's where the +1 comes in. We were caught with half a lap to go, which should have been half way through the warm down lap. Alas...

...I had another go up the berg on the last lap, but the gap wasn't big enough and me (and my shadow) were swallowed up and spat out in the bunch kick. Quite happy to sit back and watch as half the group came down.

I then proceeded to play medic until the ambo arrived, holding a dude's thumb together, before heading home, so that's what I've missed in these past four years. I'll be back a couple more times at least as I was forced to buy a three race license when the 'friendly' event staff ran out of day license forms. Good training at least.

Thanks to Stephen Rowe for some piccies of me in action, it just so happened that Tim was out for his first road race with dad Steve along for the ride, so those quality pics we get from mtb races were provided for the roadies as well.

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Zero said...

Nono, pretty sure that was me (Tim) out for the road race... good luck getting Stephen out there :P

Damn sweet track for it though, shame it's only used once a year. Next up: Casey.