Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Special(ized) Makeover

That's what happened to Cam's bike yesterday, in a big strip and rebuild.

We eventually rescued it from it's Shimano clothing and had it down to it's birthday suit. A healthy 2.8kg. The new kit included bits from SRAM, Avid, New Ultimate, Middleburn, TWE, Ozriders, not to mention a bit of retro kit in the form of an STM headset, and it all weighed less than what came off.

Cam was impressed with lunch, so it got thrown on the scales as well. Probably about equal to the weight his bike dropped.

A couple of hours later and it's complete, until the weight weenie bug really bites Cam. The verdict, yes it does ride faster. Narrower Q-factor on the Middleburn cranks, near frictionless wheels from TWE and the lightning shifts and dumpability of a SRAM drivetrain. Cam's a happy boy.

A side Trevva France bound? He's not in the Giro squad. Perhaps Mr. Vaughters is saving him for an assault on a certain other Grand Tour in July?

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