Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Winter Sale

EDIT: A fair bit sold just by showing the picture album, but I've got around to putting some details up over at Grover's Garage for the rest of the stuff. There's prices on most of it, as always, if you think they're unreasonable shoot me an offer.

On the riding front I introduced Cam to those sweet sweet trails the other day.

Problem is he was just home from a date on Saturday night (it was now Tuesday) and we didn't turn a pedal until 20 past 3 in the arvo.

And in some sections it's still hard to turn a pedal.

There was plenty of water around.

and the bridges were as slippery as ever

with added obstacles

that were a recipe for disaster

and the rigid singlespeed wasn't the best tool for the job

especially when it got dark

and we had to ride the road home to the car.

Kinda ironic that the first car to pass after I got off to walk up this one was the RACV

Ten points to he (or she) who guesses the climb (most would be walking it on the roadie).

There was a decent view to distract me

although my rubbish camera for which I appologise didn't really capture it.

Ah, we made it!

Yep rather epic,

can anyone put a caption on his thoughts? 'I'm gonna kill you Grover!'

We're approaching the quiet time of the year on the blogging front. I gotta make sure I graduate from the uni thing, so content will be lean at this address for the coming months.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Be Soft

Day off today, so up early for the Monash Uni Wednesday Hills Ride. It's been running for a couple of years to assist the hoard of Monash staff, student and alumni aiming to complete ATB get some quality k's in the legs and learn how to ride in a bunch. It also doubles as a chance to get out with a good bunch of people and then do my own thing up some hills.

Checking the weather this morning the top of the Dandenongs 'felt' like 6 degrees, and was raining. Outside was sprinkling and the wind was up but I was awake so I saddled up. Unfortunately I was the only one to make that decision as everyone else went back to bed and I was left to trundle along on my own, regretting my decision to get out of bed this morning. Finding myself creeping along unable to spin, unable to mash, with the 'nongs rising in front of me and barely able to go forward I made a left and headed home.

Two corners from home 'lil johnny' must have been late for school and Mrs. Lil Johnny decided to let me know I'd been soft and proceeded to rush out of a side street to T-bone me and give me a little lay down on the bitumen. Supposedly she didn't see me. No injuries and no bike damage but lesson learned. Don't be soft, if hills are the plan, do the hills.

In better news, we all figured it to be so after T-Lowe was left off the Giro squad but how's this for confirmation of him pedaling around France in July. Hopefully the described 'domestique' role is a smokescreen in the hope others pay no attention to him and we get to see him turn the screws up the superbergs. While T-Lowe's doing the preperation thing some of his Slipstream mates are bringing cycling to the mainstream getting a gig on Meatball's certainly got an interesting take on chamois cream...wonder what the antibacterial properties of Banana's are?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Extra Extra...

....Read All About It.

SRAM Saves Public Holiday!

While you lot had the day off today to ride, I was stuck inside amongst the madness that is Chadstone. A full day at the soon to be bicycle supermarket. Lucky for me I had the next best thing to riding, new bits. I was able to acquire some special toys from those bling masters over at SRAM to ease me through the day that otherwise consisted of explaining how to lube a chain and changing flats on kids bikes.

Bling coverage ranged all the way from




Both are definitely finding a home on my rides in the near future.
If they work half as good as they look I'm set.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Seconds Please

Felt Epix last Sunday, apart from a three hour jaunt on the Yarra Trails the only saddle time my legs have been capable of this week has been on the fixie as transport. That transport included a couple of journeys into the city, reaching home at 2am Saturday morning, and 5am this morning. All too soon I was awoken to the incessant beeping of my phone. It seems a return to those secret trails of last week was on the cards, and with them allegedly ranking '2 or 3' on the Top 10 Singletracks list I couldn't refuse.

AJ felt like climbing, so decided to lead us up and down the other side of the mountain first. Finally hitting singletrack heaven we found it rather damp, the endless roots and numerous steps offering up no assistance in the grip department with all of us having a mischief or two of some level.

Jimmy's took the cake, resulting in a food stop to allow him to eat his banana 'split'.

AJ tried to out do him laying it down at speed, and no amount of Eva's coaxing could convince him to re-enact for the camera.

Unlike last week's Epix, we had a loss of all pressure forcing another stop.

How many mtber's does it take to fix a flat?

Three at least by the looks of it.

With AJ's endless climbing, everyone's numerous acrobatic dismounts

track blockages

and the resulting hike-a-bike.

I'm putting it down as another epic. My legs certainly say so. Rest tomorrow.

Injury checklist;
- knee to stem...check
- pedal to calf...check
- barend to eyeball...check (don't ask)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Local Epix

Longest day on a mtb for me today...ever!
Was told to pack lots of food, fair to say I didn't run out.

Nutrition story...
1 x Steak & Pizza Pie
1 x Pizza Roll
1 x Cheese & Bacon Roll
1 x Cheese & Salad Roll
1 x Apple
1 x Banana
3 x Fruit Bread Slices
5 x Strawberry Yoghurt Muesli Bars
1 x Strawberry Yoghurt Torq Gel
1 litre Endura Optimiser Banana
3 litres Water
...and I still lost weight.
Not sure what I enjoy more, eating or riding. One thing's for sure, they complement each other very well.

Numbers story is here. Yep, substantial.

My camera's busted so I'll refer you to the pictorial stories that should show up here, here and here.

I'm going to bed.