Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Be Soft

Day off today, so up early for the Monash Uni Wednesday Hills Ride. It's been running for a couple of years to assist the hoard of Monash staff, student and alumni aiming to complete ATB get some quality k's in the legs and learn how to ride in a bunch. It also doubles as a chance to get out with a good bunch of people and then do my own thing up some hills.

Checking the weather this morning the top of the Dandenongs 'felt' like 6 degrees, and was raining. Outside was sprinkling and the wind was up but I was awake so I saddled up. Unfortunately I was the only one to make that decision as everyone else went back to bed and I was left to trundle along on my own, regretting my decision to get out of bed this morning. Finding myself creeping along unable to spin, unable to mash, with the 'nongs rising in front of me and barely able to go forward I made a left and headed home.

Two corners from home 'lil johnny' must have been late for school and Mrs. Lil Johnny decided to let me know I'd been soft and proceeded to rush out of a side street to T-bone me and give me a little lay down on the bitumen. Supposedly she didn't see me. No injuries and no bike damage but lesson learned. Don't be soft, if hills are the plan, do the hills.

In better news, we all figured it to be so after T-Lowe was left off the Giro squad but how's this for confirmation of him pedaling around France in July. Hopefully the described 'domestique' role is a smokescreen in the hope others pay no attention to him and we get to see him turn the screws up the superbergs. While T-Lowe's doing the preperation thing some of his Slipstream mates are bringing cycling to the mainstream getting a gig on Meatball's certainly got an interesting take on chamois cream...wonder what the antibacterial properties of Banana's are?

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