Sunday, June 08, 2008

Seconds Please

Felt Epix last Sunday, apart from a three hour jaunt on the Yarra Trails the only saddle time my legs have been capable of this week has been on the fixie as transport. That transport included a couple of journeys into the city, reaching home at 2am Saturday morning, and 5am this morning. All too soon I was awoken to the incessant beeping of my phone. It seems a return to those secret trails of last week was on the cards, and with them allegedly ranking '2 or 3' on the Top 10 Singletracks list I couldn't refuse.

AJ felt like climbing, so decided to lead us up and down the other side of the mountain first. Finally hitting singletrack heaven we found it rather damp, the endless roots and numerous steps offering up no assistance in the grip department with all of us having a mischief or two of some level.

Jimmy's took the cake, resulting in a food stop to allow him to eat his banana 'split'.

AJ tried to out do him laying it down at speed, and no amount of Eva's coaxing could convince him to re-enact for the camera.

Unlike last week's Epix, we had a loss of all pressure forcing another stop.

How many mtber's does it take to fix a flat?

Three at least by the looks of it.

With AJ's endless climbing, everyone's numerous acrobatic dismounts

track blockages

and the resulting hike-a-bike.

I'm putting it down as another epic. My legs certainly say so. Rest tomorrow.

Injury checklist;
- knee to stem...check
- pedal to calf...check
- barend to eyeball...check (don't ask)

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