Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Winter Sale

EDIT: A fair bit sold just by showing the picture album, but I've got around to putting some details up over at Grover's Garage for the rest of the stuff. There's prices on most of it, as always, if you think they're unreasonable shoot me an offer.

On the riding front I introduced Cam to those sweet sweet trails the other day.

Problem is he was just home from a date on Saturday night (it was now Tuesday) and we didn't turn a pedal until 20 past 3 in the arvo.

And in some sections it's still hard to turn a pedal.

There was plenty of water around.

and the bridges were as slippery as ever

with added obstacles

that were a recipe for disaster

and the rigid singlespeed wasn't the best tool for the job

especially when it got dark

and we had to ride the road home to the car.

Kinda ironic that the first car to pass after I got off to walk up this one was the RACV

Ten points to he (or she) who guesses the climb (most would be walking it on the roadie).

There was a decent view to distract me

although my rubbish camera for which I appologise didn't really capture it.

Ah, we made it!

Yep rather epic,

can anyone put a caption on his thoughts? 'I'm gonna kill you Grover!'

We're approaching the quiet time of the year on the blogging front. I gotta make sure I graduate from the uni thing, so content will be lean at this address for the coming months.

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Neil Robinson said...

yo, i could be interested in the Sids and hte 952 rear mech.... as long as it's 952 not 950.