Sunday, July 06, 2008

Playin' Roadie

Out to Kew Blvd today to play the roadie game. Some TTing was on the cards courtesy of Blackburn Cycling Club (whose website is down). Deciding paying to race 10km in B grade wasn't cost effective I simply put my name down for A grade which meant 20km, now that's value.

My number was called, then 30 seconds to start...

...and as 10 seconds was called I reallised I was in the little ring. Foot out, give it a crank into the big ring and foot back on the pedal as 'Go' is called.

I probably nearly nadded my seat holding mate, luckily the key word is nearly though and I got away cleanly.

So with all the aerodynamic qualities of 21mm deep rims and hairy legs I belted myself around for the 21ishkm's

stopping the clock somewhere in the 34'40"s. Three minutes down on Lovelock who pipped Tommy Leaper by 6 seconds.

Having never ridden a lap of the boulevard before and with the hell ride still lingering in the legs from the day before I was quite happy with myself though, especially considering I was gunning for 38-40 minutes based on my fitness from 4 rides in a month.

Before I go, how sweet is that new kit. Courtesy of Rollin Cycles, a schmick new shop that has become my new LBS. Check 'em out! Now back to essay writing, oh to graduate.