Sunday, September 21, 2008

Felt Epix You Yangs Style

You an asian tourist or somethin'?

They were Jimmy's thoughts on my constant snapping...but I was excited.

Over the Westgate, the You Yangs are coming...

Very little mtb saddle time of late, so I was itching for a spin.

There they are...

There couldn't have been a more perfect day for it.


Jimmy was obviously keen as well, we were half an hour early!

Only beaten by one half of Team Epix, Cafe de Cruiser in full swing.

That's where my snapping ceased as riding took, fun fun!
Connect trail people...ride it!
It's the one on the GPS plot that is ridden 3 times.
Ride data doesn't live up to past Epix, but more riders made up for it.

Catch all the details over at Felt Epix.

PS. SPEX is coming!! Two days and counting.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rapido Midlands Tour

One week to uni games, time to give the roadie legs a test with the Rapido Midlands Tour. The profile didn't show much, and didn't prove to be much. The wind however, deadly, and I got spat.

No Jayco/VIS squad today with other races to attend, but they sent a representative to take the spoils anyway.

Click to watch the vid, 4th in that sprint is Doyle. With ~100 riders falling victim to the wind he finished up about 10th, which definitely makes him a marked man in 9 days time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Resume Trasmission

Reasons to be happy today;

- Placements are over, I can ride again
- Got an email from Ash, Felt Epix is go for this Sunday
- I finished an essay last only one essay, one presentation and one exam between me and the piece of paper
- Despite the forecast and the ominous clouds I didn't get rained on riding to uni to hand in my essay this morning
- I did get winded on though, which helped set my new uni commute record, 57:43 at 42.2km/h...let's not talk about the ride home though
- The Pidgeons are in the finals, going for our second consecutive grand final birth tonight

PS. Check the garage...supercoach's Felt RXC Team is up for can be split.