Sunday, September 21, 2008

Felt Epix You Yangs Style

You an asian tourist or somethin'?

They were Jimmy's thoughts on my constant snapping...but I was excited.

Over the Westgate, the You Yangs are coming...

Very little mtb saddle time of late, so I was itching for a spin.

There they are...

There couldn't have been a more perfect day for it.


Jimmy was obviously keen as well, we were half an hour early!

Only beaten by one half of Team Epix, Cafe de Cruiser in full swing.

That's where my snapping ceased as riding took, fun fun!
Connect trail people...ride it!
It's the one on the GPS plot that is ridden 3 times.
Ride data doesn't live up to past Epix, but more riders made up for it.

Catch all the details over at Felt Epix.

PS. SPEX is coming!! Two days and counting.

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