Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crittin' Away

To follow up the return of Glenvale last sunday, Sandown kicked off tonight. Massive bunches again. Ten minutes in and I soloed across to a break that looked dangerous. Good move, it stayed away to the finish. Nine in it, I snagged fifth so some more cash to join my third from Sunday.

Now I just gotta learn how to win these things, which will no doubt result in getting the boot to A grade. We were only 0.3km/h slower than A grade tonight, so the jump shouldn't be too bad. I certainly won't be going off the front in a hurry though.

Other news...

Packages arrived...

The summer race bike, lets hope I remember how to ride the knobblies.

1 comment:

Zero said...

Nice work Grover! Since to be 5th you would have been in that B grade breakaway so this obviously doesn't apply to you, but for the rest of B grade: Thanks for destroying the C grade race.

Disappointing that Mal keeps putting up these race reports that mention nothing of these overlapping and unannounced finishes etc we keep putting up with.