Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Funny Numbers

Some odd things were seen on the Garmin on Saturday...problem is they were consistently odd which probably means they weren't errors. The odd things were pain resulting from Herald-Sun Tour critting.

The pace was on from the gun, the HR flashing 97%. I heard mention of anywhere between 100-140 starters, so inevitably there was a split in the field. I resorted to domestique duties. 57 minutes averaging 93%max.

We were in the second bunch on the road, but points were still to be had so James made his move with one to go, which officially fried me.

Ah relief, rolling around on the final lap. Last finisher, which meant about 30 or 40th with the huge attrition rate. Happy with that.

Then the chicks went around...


and Catherine were both aggressive and attentive. Representing for the fat tyre community.

And finally the big boys stepped up...

who are way fast! That's my best attempt at capturing J-Blood on the attack, which just happened to stick to the end. Second on the day to partner his win up Buller. I pity the guys trying to beat him in Adelaide in a couple of weeks at National XC #1.

Oh yeah, SRAM did a ripper job at neutral support. Hooked me up when my jockey wheel shat itself. Thanks Snozza.

and Mr. Eva on the bike rescuing all from the flat tyre demons. Wish I had've double flatted...could have done with a lap out and some Zipps.

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