Friday, October 17, 2008

Lab Playing

Monash Sport got some new toys, so I played guinea pig to figure it out today. Bit of video, few sticky dots and some computer analysis. My position felt good, so it was nice to hear nothing needed changing from the side on analysis.

Footage is squashed sideways for some reason after the export from Dartfish.

The rear view footage confirmed what I thought about my foot/ankle/knee/hip/pelvis alignment, so I'll be playing around with some cleat wedges in the near future. 1mm on the medial border of my left foot to begin with.

In other news, no more sandbagging for me...I've qualified for A grade on the road after scoring a W on Sunday.

Two man TT off the front for the last 10 minutes, holding 8 seconds to the peleton for the last lap, and the plan working perfectly to win the two up sprint. Quite happy after having a souva for breakfast at 4am and 3 hours sleep.

A baptism of fire for fast critting tomorrow though...Herald-Sun Tour support crit pain begins at 12.50pm. Some big names in the 97 starters, and with right hand hair pins there's sure to be carnage. Come down for some entertainment.

1 comment:

Zero said...

Saw your name up the top of the list the other week, good work there, saw it coming a long way back though :) All that training paying off eh?

Good luck with the pain session by the way.