Monday, October 06, 2008

Roadie Madness

Perhaps I've got a little dose of the roadie bug. Daylight savings kicked off yesterday and with it crit season. Nearly caught out by the lost hour I suited up and TTed my way to Glenvale, pinning on my number with minutes to spare.

A few attempted breaks, a few breaks closed down and I decided to sit in awaiting the bunch kick. With five to go though the legs were getting itchy again, and I found myself in a bunch of four working well. The bell lap came with the bunch at 50 metres, two were shelled and swallowed by the stampede following as we rounded the last corner, all the cookies were spent and it all came together on the line. In the washup it looks like I managed third, so I'll have to venture down next week as well to collect some monies.

The prep is needed though as over lunch on Friday I put my name down for some guaranteed pain. The Herald-Sun Tour rolls into town next week, and come Lygon Street on the 18th I'll be involved in the festivities, pinning on a number in the support race.

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