Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surfcoast 6hour

Post exam celebrations continued from Thursday down to Lorne until Monday. It just so happened that the second running of the Surfcoast 6hour in Anglesea fell on the Saturday...perfect!

The 4pm start time meant my wonderful 'warm-up' consisted of a surf at sunrise and an early afternoon nap. Sean made the trek down from Melbourne and we signed up for the full six hours as a pair. With such choice in race categories and the wonderful beach side setting the start line was packed full of fresh faces eagerly anticipating their introduction to mtb racing.

Rolling on his new bike bling (yes those are Nino Schurter's tubular mtb wheels with dugast tyres) Sean took first lap honours and sent me out in the lead bunch.

With so much time spent on the roadie of late I couldn't ride the singletrack to save myself but the sand wasn't sapping my legs as much as those around and I set about establishing a gap on the rest of the field. Sean went through one of those 'bad times' on his next stint and we were back to second by a couple of minutes.

I managed to erase that in my next stint and sent Sean out with a gap, which he built on, then I built on, then he built on...etc

With a couple of hours to go we had a comfortable buffer allowing us to roll around, not chewing so much stem and enjoying the stunning views the track had to offer.

Results are up, pics are up, Stephen got some as well although I managed to evade him. A special thanks to Choma, who strained a heart muscle (read 'was soft') after a couple of laps, pulled out and lent his lights to Sean who managed to leave his switch at home.

Final tip...I have no affiliation with Continental but if it's dusty/sandy get on the Race King 2.2's, at 460 grams they aint heavy, especially considering the amount of volume in 'em. I was floating all day, definitely helped keep the legs a little lighter.

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=kieran= said...

Was going to ask you how you rated the Race Kings, and now I know. Congrats on the W too!