Sunday, November 30, 2008

GVBR Day 2

Making the transfer from rokewood to cobden at the moment. Bus driver has us lost...Got some happy snaps for you but rural reception isn't playing ball to upload them. A couple of trends I've noticed are serious chamois time, ie. dude's rocking the lycra from Melbourne to Ballarat on the bus, the second trend being a disturbingly early hour of waking. I missed breakfast on the first day, apparently waking at 8am is too late! In an effort to keep the legs turning for TOB I did get some pedalling in though, did it in style on one of those free GVBR bikes. No wonder there's crashes, those things are seriously unsafe.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stuck on Repeat

That's been me for the last week and a bit, chained to the work stand. The shop has moved from a downstairs dungeon to an outdoor showpiece, it came with a heap more floorspace which required about 250 bikes to be built. Worse than Groundhog_Day!

It takes a fair chunk of time as well when the bike come with forks and headsets out of the bike...WTF!

Lucky me had enough slack in the chain to get some grub straight from the supermarket bought in bulk (3 lunches, 1 dinner). Scotty and I also managed to let our creative juices flow with an abundance of Maxxis stickers.

Scotty contributed the 'bird'.

I was also quite excited to finally use these.

Thinsulate water proof socks, seemed like a waste of money in our never ending drought until I kitted up for the commute to work this morning and reallised my shoes were still wet. Kept me dry as a bone and plenty comfy.

Updates may go AWOL for a week as I tag along behind the GVBR playing physio...wish me luck. I may even resort to running to get some fitness for TOB the following weekend.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winds of Change

Last post had a hidden test, to see if the new gadget had what it takes to produce blogworthy pic-a-tures. I found a camera to take up too much valuable real estate in the jersey pocket, hence no pics, hence no posts. Now that regular ride snaps are a possibility I have no excuse to slack on the updates.

Without further ado I bring you tonights Sandown crit. A solo deathmarch to get there on time was hampered by a right brute of a headwind. I beat it though, pinned on a number just in time and was plenty warm at the start. Unfortunately I couldn't beat it a second time and lasted not much more than the start before being spat. I wasn't the only one though as there were wheels being lost left, right and centre as the cream of the A grade bunch showed their strength and the peleton was splintered.

That's four bunches, how it was when I was spat. It ended in two bunches, a select bunch of 13 holding of what was left of the field which was down to about 20. AJ stuck it out and finished in that lead 13 to keep the mtb flag flying.

They're the strong ones, duking it out for line honours after an hour.

In mtb news I found a pic from the weekend. Looks like I'm running scared from that scaffolding. Must have been before the Fireman Sam threat forced me to harden up and ride it.

Plus I've now entered the modern age, my bottom bracket bearings have finally migrated outside my bottom bracket shell like everyone elses thanks to some Truvativ bling. Minus 80 grams aswell, bonus!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Road Trippin' Take Two

Last weekend saw the inaugural running of Cyclismo in Bendigo. In similar fashion to Adelaide a couple of weeks back I played follow the Jayco windbreak. The black and orange of Torq turned white and red of SRAM though. The base station certainly suits the mtb scene.

Empty roads were due to leaving at 6am! Aparently we got out just before the deluge however arriving in Bendigo the grey skies and brutal winds weren't too welcoming.

Not to mention it was 5 degrees!

Camp SRAM was setup which included some Eva mods to the urban mtb crit course to dial it in.

We did get some rain which made things a bit hairy, visualise 4 riders gunning for the holeshot onto wet steel scaffolding.

Wet scaffolding that played host to a left turn to line up for this.

Robbie took the W and a fine pay day, leading most of his races start... finish.

Special mention to fireman Sam who in the words of the commentator 'probably isn't the strongest but is definitely the best bike handler' and used those skills to round out the podium in third.

Mr Bach talked me into riding that lovely scaffolding, threatening me with 'a fireman Sam up my clacker' if I got off and walked it in front of him. I was quite happy to make it through to the semi's myself, missing the final by a bike length in a two up sprint after having a mischief in one of the four water crossings.

The rest of my weekend consisted of flying the SRAM flag as neutral spares for the pro road crit on Saturday night, where Mr D Braunsteins showed his form is coming along nicely to take a win from a two man break. The SRAM support continued to Sunday for the the mass participation Gran Fondo.

Not quite as quick as the boys on Saturday night, but a huge effort for everyone who completed it buffeted by head winds the whole way. A bit more variance in work than the pro crit wheel changes aswell, the most random being a pedal falling off just as I drove past. Right time, right place and a very grateful rider.

Breakfast had been an $8.50 bacon and egg...

...half sandwich? Yep, I felt ripped, and rather hungry come the end of the ride so the mandatory post cycling event MickyDee's stop was in order.

Where we noticed McCafe seem to have borrowed a logo we're all familiar with, perhaps encouraging people to 'make the leap' to a healthier menu.

Home, to blue skies. 100mm rain and hail, we missed it all.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cup Day K's '08

A public holiday and sunshine always means k's, and with Norri now in town permanently and wanting to crack a hunji we embarked on a roadie adventure in the 'nongs.

A sighting run to dial in the corners led to the mandatory coffee stop

Where I opted for extra weight to assist my downhill velocity in the form of a white hot chocolate and a French vanilla slice.

Rossi's new bike isn't used to it's environment yet and needed some love

A second speed run and unfortunately Norri's speed-0-meter only showed high 90's, so up we climbed (may or may not have involved walking by some persons)

Third time lucky...we had corner marshall's, so crossing the double is ok right?

The happy boy with 100.8km/h on the clock...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Road Trippin' with TORQ

Headed to Adelaide last weekend for round 1 of the 2008/09 National Series. Jimbus finished work at 6 so we grabbed some dinner...

filled the beast...

and were on our way...

darkness came...

and Jimbus got to try out his new driving lights...

Picture doesn't do them justice, would love a set of them on the helmet for some night trails.

Gen's instructions were spot on, but Adelaide is a maze so after a few u-turns we managed to find Hotel Torq at 3am.

Eagle Park got a recall to the National Series after a successful event last year and what a track, after a few laps on Friday post sleep-in I was rather looking forward to another five the next day.

Sidenote; Robbie has very mobile patellas.

Raceday came and event central was super busy, especially with SRAM launching their Hammerschmidt cranksets and Sam Hill in attendence.

SRAM was everywhere, even giving Steele some compressive goodness on a strained calf.

Thanks to Tim Rowe for this pic...who shouldn't have been walking around in the sun taking pictures an hour before his race.

I managed the wholeshot in Expert, came through the feed zone with a 15 second gap and was feeling quite comfortable tackling the switchback climb for the second time...until my freehub turned fixed hub and my chances were shot. Removing the chain I walked/rolled the remainder of the lap on which I went from first to lapped out. Ah well, that's racing. At least I scored a finish.

Tagging along with Team Torq was definitely one of the best ways to do it. Friends make the best team mates and these guys and girls are all friends. Rockin' the skinsuits was a good talking point and they seemed to help with solid results all weekend, especially from the girls who couldn't keep themselves off the podium. Dominant in the start...

Dominant climbing...

Dominant descending...

I also had a crack at the short track although this time I suited up in Elite, with Torq all over the front again.

I had goodish legs, but got too excited early and fried myself.

I rode in no mans land until I was lapped.

Thus brought an end to my first visit to Adelaide (next time I'm taking a map). Results are up. Thanks to Gen, Dean, Jimbus and the whole Torq crew for their hospitality.

Road Trip!