Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stuck on Repeat

That's been me for the last week and a bit, chained to the work stand. The shop has moved from a downstairs dungeon to an outdoor showpiece, it came with a heap more floorspace which required about 250 bikes to be built. Worse than Groundhog_Day!

It takes a fair chunk of time as well when the bike come with forks and headsets out of the bike...WTF!

Lucky me had enough slack in the chain to get some grub straight from the supermarket bought in bulk (3 lunches, 1 dinner). Scotty and I also managed to let our creative juices flow with an abundance of Maxxis stickers.

Scotty contributed the 'bird'.

I was also quite excited to finally use these.

Thinsulate water proof socks, seemed like a waste of money in our never ending drought until I kitted up for the commute to work this morning and reallised my shoes were still wet. Kept me dry as a bone and plenty comfy.

Updates may go AWOL for a week as I tag along behind the GVBR playing physio...wish me luck. I may even resort to running to get some fitness for TOB the following weekend.

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