Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winds of Change

Last post had a hidden test, to see if the new gadget had what it takes to produce blogworthy pic-a-tures. I found a camera to take up too much valuable real estate in the jersey pocket, hence no pics, hence no posts. Now that regular ride snaps are a possibility I have no excuse to slack on the updates.

Without further ado I bring you tonights Sandown crit. A solo deathmarch to get there on time was hampered by a right brute of a headwind. I beat it though, pinned on a number just in time and was plenty warm at the start. Unfortunately I couldn't beat it a second time and lasted not much more than the start before being spat. I wasn't the only one though as there were wheels being lost left, right and centre as the cream of the A grade bunch showed their strength and the peleton was splintered.

That's four bunches, how it was when I was spat. It ended in two bunches, a select bunch of 13 holding of what was left of the field which was down to about 20. AJ stuck it out and finished in that lead 13 to keep the mtb flag flying.

They're the strong ones, duking it out for line honours after an hour.

In mtb news I found a pic from the weekend. Looks like I'm running scared from that scaffolding. Must have been before the Fireman Sam threat forced me to harden up and ride it.

Plus I've now entered the modern age, my bottom bracket bearings have finally migrated outside my bottom bracket shell like everyone elses thanks to some Truvativ bling. Minus 80 grams aswell, bonus!

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