Sunday, December 28, 2008


Although I didn't mention it I had a gander at some track racing a few weeks back. One of the most surprising things was being recognised by people I've never met. How you ask...Grover's Grumblings. Apparently people actually read it, which gives one motivation to continue.

Motivation brings us to change. You don't have to be too observant to notice there's been a facelift to freshen things up a bit and welcome in 2009. 2009, a year of change not only for the blog but for me. Fulltime work, hopefully broken up with some travel before I find myself a gig putting that piece of paper I collected a few weeks back to good use.

PS. Google has plonked some adds on the blog over on the right. Dunno if they're there to stay, but the more you click on 'em the more currency I collect to help get me click on 'em.

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