Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Daily Chuckle

We've all seen the stickers on the top tube...'this bicycle is not designed for offroad use' blah blah etc etc. This however was a first for me.

That's on there to stay, 'grip firmly at both ends for best performance'. Good tip, and had me in silent stitches while wrenching away today.

On the riding front Sandown had the Christmas/New Years week off tonight and not wanting to miss my weekly pain session I soloed my way out to the 1in20 for some SE fun.

Looks like the mini-cold that kept me from the Mt. Beauty adventure hasn't knocked me around too much. 15.49 is a 34 second PB. Maybe the secret is in the lack of numbers. Doyletime has the Garmin to track the Nationals TT course so no heart rate, no cadence and I even restriced myself to only checking my speed every so often and not checking the time until I crossed the line. Suffering in its simplest form.

Good to see more mtb crew out for some bergs aswell, stumbling across Mr. 'EPIX' Jackson on the way home after having a chat to Alex Randall...who started descending the 1in20 just as I got to the top and decided not to wait. Meant I had to choke down whatever food was trying to jump out of me, turn and chase immediately...thanks mate.

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Zero said...

15:49, niiice.

I've been up there three times in the last week as I'm off work (12 minute ride there, hah) and did one TT effort - after 8 weeks either off the bike or of minimal hours... well, lets just say it was over/high 19 minutes and my target is 16:15 :P