Friday, December 26, 2008

Easy Rollin'

Still expectorating some funky colours so I remain resigned to the easy life. Never mind aerobic threshold, I'm working on the sweat threshold...if I sweat I'm going too hard.

Lucky for me Christmas combined with birthday shenanigans last night meant there were some others looking for a similarly easy roll, 3.5 hours chamois time for 65km along the beach kinda easy.

Rob is the (un)lucky guy that gets to share his birthday with Jesus...pictured practicing his 'cross skills in preperation for a trip to Belgium. Either that or doing his best 'Beloki just ate s*!^ and now I'm riding across a field' LA impression.

Every good beach roll deserves a nutrition stop, and seeing as it was 5.30pm by the time the others were in any shape to ride (yep, rough night) our stop was about 7...hence pizza instead of bacon and eggs or bakery treats.

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