Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun In The Mud

GMBC hosted the third round of the National Series at the ever dry You Yangs yesterday.

Going over the Westgate we began to question the 'ever dry' status.

Jimbus had come prepared with tyres to suit the race lines.

Make that gumboots to walk through the puddles and leave me for dead as I tried to find a dry route around.

Apart from the race centre the course held up well, and just quitely I'm quite happy with myself for cleanly riding that uphill rock garden just before decending back into race central. There was no choice but to get through it though with the amount of support out on track, especially considering the constant drizzle accentuated by downpours...cowbells make racing fun, awesome atmosphere!

In terms of the race, I'll await some results as I don't know where I came and didn't hang around to find out. I will say my start was at snails pace...but from there I felt pretty consistant, battled some chainsuck, went past a few and didn't get passed by many so should be up there.

Special mention to Brian John and our telepathic connection yesterday in the feed zone. I ran out of hands to take on what I needed, so just opened my mouth as I rode past and Brian was right onto it stuffing the unopened gel in my mouth for me to deal with after putting everything else where it needed to go.

The new long sleeve thermal Rollin' jersey was gonna debut at the You Yangs yesterday, but stayed in the closet an extra 24 hours and kept itself clean on today's recovery spin.

Got some go fast bits at the shop this week, lucky they were post TOB or I may have been tempted.

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