Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tour Of Bright

Here's a few snaps from the weekend.

The 'chrono' machine from the pilot's seat.

Some of the carnage courtesy of the Tawonga decent. This guy was in a pretty bad way but as always the cycling community looked after their own...managed to get him breathing again and choppered out.

The entry goodies. Best entry pack I've ever received.

BBQ dinner Saturday night after everyone decided GC was out the window and could afford to carry a few extra grams.

The morning of the Hotham ascent, fog in the valley meant chilly at the top. Eight degrees chilly.

My race was finished after I forgot to tune the gears to the race wheels for stage one, with not enough adjustment in the barrel adjusters to do it on the road. The only gear it was happy in was the 26, which was way to small to follow any moves up Tawonga and the bunch rode away. My goal was revised after that to being less than 20 minutes down on GC at conclusion of the Tour, I missed it by 12 seconds...but did take five minutes off my Hotham ascent from last year trying.

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