Sunday, December 21, 2008

When Racing Goes Wrong

I've got some travel plans for next year, and I want to get quick so they eventuate.

So today I strapped on a single digit number, that means lining up against the serious hitters in Elite! The flaw in my plan was the cold that's slowly overtaking my body combined with the fatigue that follows a good friends wedding the day before.

Nearly missing the start after embarking on a practice lap with 30 minutes to spare was a good indicator to the length of the lap, with six still to come I was in for a long day. The extreme race length was confirmed with Mr Liston taking line honours in 2 hours 29! Results show I did four laps, I'd say half a lap was racing before realising it wasn't happening today, followed by 2.5 of riding...

...then one playing trash collector. Is it so hard to stow wrappers on your person to be disposed of properly post race?

Big thanks to DirtRiders for the race and XMAS BBQ, which included an appearance from the local road pro home for the offseason.

Judging by Mr Eva's gel inhalation witnessed on our trip home T-Lowe's offseason doesn't mean he goes slow.

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