Saturday, January 03, 2009


Today started simple enough with the plan to join Trent for a westside crit adventure.

Based at a driver training circuit it brought back memories of belting myself around the METEC circuit in high school. Good surface, small field and I decided to have a dig...I just dug a bit too deep and when I was caught and the counter attack went I was straight off the back never to rejoin.

Now is where the eccys come in. 'Hey Trent, bay crits are on in Geelong, let's go watch'...'OK'.

That view would have cracked a few riders in its time. Ride straight, then keep riding straight.

We had to overcome a few hiccups.

The trailer of fairy floss that had exploded all over the road.

The mandatory puncture...yeah that's right, hide your face, you should be ashamed.

But then it came...

...a bend!

Followed closely by Geelong and with a hunjie already in the legs it was bakery time.

A lovely 'French' bakery, that had some odd 'French' symbols beside its name.

Perfect timing saw us arrive to see the start of the main event.

Many a familiar face and many a famous face in that field.

One of those familiar face's was Rob's

who flatted in the dying laps for the second day in a row.

It was with great apprehension that we embarked on the return journey. Things were looking up when we reallised the wind had swung around to give us the round trip tail wind.

Before we knew it we were 5km from home smashing our bike track section with the yellow jersey in sight.

The catch came at 1km to go and there was no response leaving us to take line honours and complete a nice round figure of 100 eccy's on top of race distance.

Oh, we spotted another of those interesting Kennedy cycle fits aswell.

How aero can you get with a steerer extension? Whatever works for ya I guess.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate good post. That yellow jersey catch was epic even if it was at 35km/hr. Ride again soon.

Matthew said...

I see why you weren't up for a ride the other night. Nice riding mate.
P.S. You're crazy !

Ash Thomas said...

umm, eccy's you say....

hmmm.... It took me a while to work out you meant extras...! Thought you'd started riding on the disco biscuits!