Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mechanics Mayhem

That be the trail name, sister trail to one with the initials SS and definitely worth skipping Glenvale for.

Especially on a perfect day like Sunday.I also thought it'd mean I didn't have to taste breakfast again, until we found this hill which just needed to be used for some efforts. Definitely compares to the ominous Gut Full Marathon climb.

At the top I stumbled across these two burnt out trees that I later likened to the pearly gates of heaven. Roll through them and just keep rolling through berms, doubles and the occasional wooden 'structure'.

With every epic trail comes the mandatory creek crossing, this particular one had a rather tricky exit.
Like Stink above none of us quite had the HP to clear it on the first run.

Jimmy went back for a second go though and seems to have it mastered.

With little use these trails are littered with debris of the natural kind...

...sometimes it's quite sizeable and even the SPEX wasn't up to task on one occasion which brought James to visual obscenities.

A stop by Damo's Cog Cafe to oggle the oldschool bling...

...and then it was time to make tracks as the shadows lengthened.

Unfortunately for me I'd been running a little late to the start, so met the others at the top of the first climb, which meant an ascent to finish my ride.

So much up that I was dreaming of down, which my camera seems to have realised as the photo below is of one of the steeper sections but somehow looks downhill?

Or is it just me being forever scarred by the climb?

The locals were certainly surprised to see me.

Lastly, Elixers...get on them. Saved my bacon a number of times as I rode lines that probably shouldn't have been ridden blind...

...no doubt the all new SID didn't detract from the surprising amount of control I had either.

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ScottyL said...

Looked like a good ride Grover, wish I hadn't of declined Jimmys invitation now.

You'll have to take me on those tracks some day.