Thursday, January 08, 2009


Just to keep it interesting I ventured out to Bushy Park last night for some dirt crit action care of Knobbysports.

A good bunch of mates that congregate every Wednesday night to smash themselves for bragging rights. Unlucky for me my first attempt coincided with a handicap race rather than the usual graded racing. Upon arrival the handicapper eyed me up and down and proclaimed, 'you look like you're off scratch'...great!

So a five lap individual time trial followed as I tried to peg back one and a half laps to the 'bunny'. That was mission accomplished but a few snipers also got past him and I rolled over the line about fifth. I say about as no one really cares, it's just good fun as everyone tries to keep it just out of the red. We even followed it up with a team relay of hot laps just to give everyone a change to taste their lunch one more time. With some creative handicapping mid race it came down to half a wheel on the line.

Good to see Rollin Cycles' newest recruit Richard out enjoying the two wheeled life aswell. Be warned, he doesn't go slow.

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