Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goin' Aero

Decided to drop the stem 10mm today, supposedly aero is where it's at. Must have saved me some energy as for the first time I had the kick to crest Burgundy Street first on tonight's Tour De Burbs...that or the fact that I got through some lights on the orange while Clacka, Rohin and the multitude of roadie hardmen had to wait out the red.

Noticing something else, those DT Swiss hubs are like a good wine getting better with age. I really shouldn't be able to out roll people with 15kg's on me, but it happened repeatedly tonight. Speaking of hubs check out today's workshop highlight. It's ok to make mistakes, just be upfront about them...

Customer - Can you true my wheel
Me - Sure
Mount in stand, attempt to spin, wheel jumps out of stand.
Me - Actually no, it won't spin.
Customer - Oh
Me - Did you try and service it?
Customer - Um
Me - These two bits are back to front, do you want me to fix it?
Customer - Yeah, may as well, I didn't know which way they went in.

When you pull something apart set it out in order, a foolproof way of getting them back in the right spot.

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