Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keep On Rollin'

The bike didn't want to stop yesterday, k's continuing to tick long after I'd stopped for work.

Wheel not spinning, magnet nowhere near sensor. It was an indicator of what was to come that night as I was sans lights a long way from home with the sun setting. More k's than expected and some seriously tender trigger points in the legs.

A visit to Kew Boulevard Crits care of Hawthorn Cycling Club meant 25+ hill sprints and no doubt contributed to the soreness. I haven't been there for years but still managed to get plonked in A grade.

Willo made it a couple of mtbers in the bunch and was very active in the early moves. With 10 minutes left I managed to move clear of the bunch and found myself working well in a group of three chasing another two off the front. We didn't catch them, but I did nail the final corner and cross the line best of the rest.

Like Glenvale and Sandown all placegetters of course donated prizemoney to those affected by the bushfires. I did score a bidon to forever remind me of the tragedy that continues to unfold around us. We all know someone that has lost their homes and/or loved ones.

We're a nation that stands behind each other, as illustrated above cyclists tend to be pretty good at it so get down to the You Yangs this Sunday for some fun on bikes while fundraising to help those affected rebuild their lives.

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