Monday, February 02, 2009

The Main Event

Saturday's race was purely the warm up to what could have very well turned out to be an Eva Epic exploring Klingsporn.

Practically hunger flatting when we rolled out after a lengthy delay collecting people from all over Buller the pace was on. We crisscrossed the DH track during their race runs managing to avoid a collision and then soon reallised XC race bikes probably weren't ideal for the trail.

Fourty minutes later, with a group average of about one digger each, we reached the bottom with disc rotors sizzling. Special mention to Ben, Sid's thirteen year old cousin, who had three of the biggest over the bar adventures I've seen and not only got right back on the horse but was happy to lead the way.

That's him to the right ignoring the routine face washing and bottle filling in favour of stripping off and going for a dip. Meanwhile I checked how my wheel building skills were holding up and am happy to report that 1300 gram race wheels can survive Klinsporn at least once without developing a single wobble.

As to the Epix boys trail ranking criteria I will have to make some enquiries about it. If the decision is made purely on the section of trail being ranked then I can understand their decision to put Klinsporn at the top of the list. Unfortunately I'm going to have to deduct points as the remainder of the ride was a plain old death march.

Up...for 90 minutes...with a distinct lack of shade. Good for you but not so fun. Shuttles anyone?

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