Sunday, February 22, 2009

That Odyssey Thing

This guy couldn't race. The entry was only for 50 clicks though so I became Mr. Comport for a day.

Needed packing time so riding was done pre-work at stupid o'clock.

Not many keen on joining me at that time.

Even this guy has a snarl to him in the early morning light.

The early bird...struggles later in the day and requires sustenance.

Race day dawned with a pleasant lack of downpours compared to last years race. Nice weather means a bigger turnout.

That's after the 100km race has started. Imagine the fuss with three times the bikes!

Got me a front row possie, wouldn't want to miss a pedal.

Then the gun went. I planned on an easy ride, chatting, taking pics, but that white line fever thing happened so all you get is text from now on. Managed to pass the lead car in the rollout down the Great Ocean Road, took line honours for the KOM then rolling turns with Peacock Junior on the roads and getting the bike all kinds of sideways making our way through hundreds of 100km riders. Then I chased, then couldn't evade a somersaulting 100km rider and took a tumble chased, than got caught in a 30 rider congo line through the 'Timed Descent' chased...and then it was over. Results. Special mention to Crazy Craig who obviously found it too easy on a standard single speed last year, so brought the rigid singlespeed 'cross bike this year and managed to cover the 100km in 5.45!

After doing the hundred last year I wondered why people entered it over the 50km race knowing they'd be out there 10+ hours. Now I know why, it's all about reward for effort. The first 50km is the effort of endless climbing, the second 50 is the reward in sweet trails. Once you've done the first 50 you may as well ride the second 50. It's the hundred or nothing for me from now on. Or maybe the reward for effort is form and going fast in Taswegia next weekend is the reward, fingers crossed.

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Matthew said...

Good job mate taking out KOM ! I yelled out to you just after the start...and then you passed me while i was walking up a hill....haha. I didn't yell out because you were chewing it out, didn't want to break the form....haha. Good effort mate.