Monday, February 16, 2009

UCI Knows Best

I thought it'd be novel to race a UCI sanctioned road race with a bike under the 6.8kg limit. That plan went well for about half a lap of the 13 lap race. It was then that karma decided to release my rear quick release skewer through a corner to make a menze for my flouting the rules. This quickly jetisoned my rear wheel and I could have been mistaken for a cowboy straight from the wild west as I struggled to control a bike that had transformed into a bucking bronco.

Good news was that I stayed upright, and so did everyone around me. Bad news was that I now had to try and solo myself back to 90 of the best roadies Australia and NZ can offer up, and it was just at the stage that they were all trying their hand at an early breakaway. After 30 minutes the gap started to blow out and I started catching shelled riders that had sat up, so I followed suite. Bit soft but that appears to be the roadie way judging by the near 50% drop out rate the results show. That was reflected in our car with Dmac and Neil finishing strongle in the main bunch, while Jimmy and I have a DNF next to our names. Note that Jimmy was going along rather nicely with a peak power of almost 1700 watts, until he took a digger over the bars at 60 clicks when someone decided to have a lay down in front of him. All bones intact and only missing a little bark he was keen to fight on, unfortunately his front wheel had decided it didn't want to stay intact and his day was done.

Then it was off to the You Yangs to drop in on the Bush Fire Relief Enduro. Awesome turnout and plenty of cash collected thanks to Big Rich's creative 'fining' for anything from skidding to mismatched jersey and bike brands going into the Red Cross coffers. We even got a fine for racing road instead of mtb...harsh but fair.

Lastly I'll leave you with this gem by Mr. Random...Neil VDP...had Dmac and I in tears. Upon entering Subway and prior to this photo being taken (in which he appears to be turning on the charm) he proceded to the middle of the counter where the white feet are stickered on the ground. When informed that the correct place to begin his order was his pictured position he replied with a shocked face, 'I was just standing where the feet told me to'.

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