Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 Oceania Championships

Click that for the vid. Travelling company was the Peacock family this weekend and James pulled out the win in the Juniors. A very entertaining race from the sidelines with the top 5 separated by a minute. Understandable that he neglected the fact that my bike and kit was locked in the car while he carried the keys (and not his mobile) around seeing the sights of Thredbo post race. A little birdie must have whispered something in his ear though as he remembered with 45 minutes to spare and my worry was over.

Having never earnt a UCI point in my life before I found myself somehow sitting third row on the grid next to Dylan Cooper. Jokes were had as to how the rankings had been done but I certainly wasn't the one complaining. The gun went and the Tahitian rider in front of me was obviously experiencing that kind of start speed for the first time as I almost rode straight into the back of him before making my way around and latching onto the field mid pack. That was the end of anything resembling my being competitive though. As expected the combination of altitude and sickness was making breathing tough on a course that never seemed to reward all the climbing that was being done, not to mention being the course from hell for a back that hadn't been in a riding position for three weeks.

Long story short I kept the climbing smooth, stretched the back whenever possible and let the brakes go on the descents while watching the time gap to the leaders blow out. Knowing I was only a couple of minutes from being lapped by a flying Dan McConnell I upped the pace a touch to ensure I was in front of any nearby riders when that happened and hoped that it left me in a position to earn those 20 uci points.

Results are up and show me in 27th place. I believe 26th to give 20 uci points. The good news is I'm told that Under 23 and Elite riders have seperate points which puts me in 17th and points to spare. If not then I plan on visiting a couple of other races prior to the World Cup experience so hopefully I can pick up the remaining few then. If not then the original plan comes into play...I'm going to watch the Offenburg and Houffalize World Cups! How cool is that?

Some pics thanks to Russ Baker...very white eh.

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