Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Bees

Venturing out to Lysterfield today for the first time this year. It seems the trail fairies have been rather busy.

...and over. Makes for a nice new entry into the Comm Games bermed descent.

Speaking of the bermed descent...

...a new one has popped up. Very appropriate considering it's the one you carry the most speed into.

Still a gazzillion too many of these destroying the flow though.


Zero said...

That rock and the new berms were done in early December last year, ages ago. Sadly there's lines going all over the place as the entrance to it now - there's nothing there that we can really use to control there only being a single line, because it's in the middle of nowhere.
The big left hander you've got the photo of there, man, that one's just... bad. It was originally a lot smaller, lower, but now because of the height and angle it has, it doesn't have enough height on the exit so you have to unnaturally drop down low, which was never a problem on the Saturday when we built it :(

As for all the log rollovers "destroying the flow", rubbish. If you want flow, go ride beach road or downhill. Not all trails are supposed to be about barreling down a road course at 60km/h without having to actually ever brake - why is it that everyone not only hates variety, but expects the boring type of variety?

ScottyL said...

I agree with John, There are way toooooo many log roll overs at Lysti. For instance, there is a small section on the com games course that has 3 in the space of about 10 meters.

Tim I was quite surprised to hear that opinion coming from you, I truly thought everyone felt the same way about the log rollover situation.

Anonymous said...

Is blogger zero Tim Rowe, If thats the case you're a dickhead. Learn to build tracks properly.

Mondo said...

I agree with anonymous!! Especially with that surface and the speed of the course it creates unnecessary/frustrating braking on a part that is meant to be flowing, fast and "fun".!
Tim... I think that it would be hard for you to understand because you can’t get the speed that most riders general! You have only been "riding" for a short while perhaps you should listen to those who are far more experienced than yourself!!!????
It was a poorly designed course to begin with...don’t make it worse!

Kristjan said...

Feel free to come to a trail working bee and change whatever you don't like... or build what you do like.

It's a democracy after all and experts are apparently really easy to find on the 'net but never (surprise, surprise) on the other end of a rake-hoe when it really counts.
I'm happy to be proven wrong though.