Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Down Time

With the roadie dispensed with in order to get to Europe, and the mtb finding a new owner on the weekend to wipe out the credit card I'm now bikeless. Actually I've still got the rigid bitsa commuter mtb but that doesn't count. Anyway the result of being bikeless is a break from the bike, time to organise non-bike life and of course no content on the blog for a while so I'll leave you with a hot tip...SQUIRT Lube!

I've been using it for 18 months but 9 weeks in Europe, 3 World Cups, 3 Random National Rounds complete with mud, dust and jetwashing has reminded me how far ahead of the competition it is. After all that you'd think the chain would be suffering. Imagine my surprise when preparing the bike for sale when I found the chain was practically new. No sideways slop, and stretch barely registering, I've seen new chains in worse shape. Now I know why it's a favourite at the Croc Trophy. Available at all good bikeshops, like Rollin' Cycles.

See you in a month or so. PS...need race wheels...check the garage!

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