Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Europe in Pictures

First up, check the Garage to help me pay off the credit card, then enjoy the pics.

Eti-Had F1, the first flight out of Melbourne.

Lago Lugano, Cadel's hood.

Lago Maggiore from Stresa.

Milano Centrale Station, prior to boarding the all night train to Germany.

Our Offenburg accome from the Schloss on the hill.

4X track at Houffalize.

The Frites post Houffalize with Cal, Sarah and Nathan.

Traffic jam Belgium style.

Black DH UK style...Jackpot!

A little bit of trick photography at 2000m altitude.

That's were the Michelin magic happens.

Couldn't resist a Scooby Snack.

Metres of beveridge in Madrid.

Lago Maggiore from the East.

Giro advertising featuring SRAM specced bikes in Napoli.

Vesuvius, was a long walk.

Pantani is still a crowd favourite.

Should have got the road train instead of walking.

This is to show your significant other next time they complain of sore feet, try an 8 hour round trip to the top of Vesuvius in those.

Sastre soloed for the win up Vesuvius.

The journey down in process.

Unsure if it was the 8 hour walk or the Napoli secret sauce but this is the greatest pizza I've ever eaten.

Old school shop window complete with wooden rims in Rome.

Numerous De Rosa's, Colnago's and other Italian beauties hang from the roof.

Cervelo had a very cool custom truing stand.

Menchov hit the deck and sent the Italians into a frenzy in the ITT but still held off Di Luca to take the final Pink Jersey.

Simon buries the drinks for a cool drink on our return trip from the summit.

Cat entertaining the crowds in Munsingen.

Munsingen gave the crowd plenty of viewing as the course wound through multiple obstacles before heading of into the singletrack.

Road K's tick by easily with views like this.

Wolfsdrop, Offenburg.

Northshore Drop, Offenburg. As demonstrated by Cal Britten.

Dual Speed, Offenburg.

Snake Pit, Offenburg.

World Class Drop Offenburg. As demonstrated by James Peacock.

The quick guys get cool stuff, Roal Paulissen's Mavic R-sys tubular crossmax complete with Racing Ralph tubular thanks to Dugast. His duallie is 8.8kg.

Our hike gained a soundtrack when these guys decided to follow us for about 20 minutes and the bells went crazy.

Got to sample some snow while enjoying Lake Maggiore from afar.

Even found some snow caves.

Our first look at Dalby Forrest in the UK. Thanks to Joolze Dymond for capturing it.

Why does the photo never look as steep as it is?

Aussie invasion on the XC World Cup Series.

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