Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back To It

For two weeks I've been a full time employee. Yuck! The nice part is a bit more routine. Normally I'd be just wakig up and heading out riding about now. With the body clock now used to early starts instead I'm finished riding and finding time very a long overdue update. Lucky too as it's overcast, spitting and the wind is picking up. Perfect weather for blogging and a long way from the perfect conditions a couple of hours ago.

Sunny, clear and still...well until we started heading home when the wind picked up nicely behind us to blow us home at about 45 clicks.

Plenty of others had the same idea with the 1in20 resembling Chapel Street last night. Our group was nine and it certainly wasn't alone nor the biggest. For the most part cars and bikes were playing nice which was unusual to see. Maybe we can co-exist?

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