Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Trails Call

I was pretty tempted yesterday. The trails looked to be in prime condition as I cruised by on the roadie. The roadie spin wasn't too bad though...until the heavens opened.
I took refuge at Emerald bakery for what must be one of the best apple cakes on the planet. The weather wasn't letting up though and eventually I gave in and braved the conditions for a very long hour's ride home. It was made even longer when the rear tyre started going soft a little too quickly to be nursed and required a change. On the plus side after more than four hours of hills and cold the legs still had some spark.

Back to the trails though. I snapped a (possibly worst quality ever) photo of a fancy new offering from Apollo at the SRAM X.X launch on Friday night. Whether it be the X.X or X.0 spec I don't know but I think I've found my new mtb.

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