Sunday, November 22, 2009

A First Time For Everything

So you've had a lovely morning out on the road bike. Good friends, sunny weather, hard climbs. It's your mum's birthday and you've got to get home to do birthday related stuff. Not to mention the 6hour mtb race the next day that you still have to build a new bike for. Let's role turns down this descent that we've done at least a hundred time before and time trial home.

Nothing new so far.

Fast forward nearly 2km and you're carving up a favourite sweeping left hander at 60km/h, a little bit of sun in your eyes...and a lot of gravel in the middle of the road. There's that familiar metal crunching and grinding on bitumen noise but for the first time it's followed by you personally doing your best cheese grater impersonation.

A week off work to avoid nasty hospital infections allowed time for the skull CT (clear) and a rebuild of both SRAM Red shifters with new shifter bodies and lever blades that hadn't been turned into carbon dust on the road.

So tomorrow it's back to work, still partially mummified.

New shoes and socks ease the pain though...

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