Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comfort 'Food'

MTB National were in Adelaide last weekend. Read about my race over at OZMTB. While you're there at it to your bookmarks. Fair to say my race was a bit of a disappointment. Got these yesterday though, now I feel better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Road Nationals

There I am tucked in nicely behind Mr Rodgers. Cool how anyone can race with the stars eh! My road nationals in short;
- Got in the break with Fly V and Garmin represented.
- Found the going too tough after a lap.
- Fell back to the peleton.
- Found the pace quite manageable.
- Didn't drink anywhere near enough.
Fast forward a few laps.
- Cramped and got dropped on the climb.
- Descended back on while sculling a bottle.
- Sculling was too little too late and I got dropped again...for good.
- Fly V and Garmin represented up the road weren't helping.
- Three riders wasn't enough firepower for HTC-Columbia.
- Break stayed away.
- Travis Meyer follows Cam's ITT jersey with his own road jersy.
Goal for next year, drink like a fish and finish the damn race!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Numbers Game

Unfortunately I didn't figure it out quick enough. For the last few years my Boxing Day to New Years has been spent in Mount Beauty alternating days on the mtb with days on the roadie for a solid block of chamois time. This time around being a member of the full time workforce I had to scale it back to three days and packed as much as I could into them.

Decent view from the summit of Mt. Buffalo

For those familiar with Trainingpeaks my TSS for the 3 days was 750 which raised my CTL 13 points. About 250% of my usual training load. Can anyone guess what the result was?

Don't fall!

Sick! Yep you guessed it. The positives; the last day I was still fresh enough for a 40 minute climb of Falls Creek at 310 watts without feeling trashed at the top and I certainly know a bit more about my limits. The negatives; a week later and I'm still producing record amounts of fluro yellow sputum and the calendar until Feb 1 includes Road Nationals, MTB Nationals, a MTB National Round and the Tour of Wellington. This is gonna hurt.