Sunday, January 10, 2010

Road Nationals

There I am tucked in nicely behind Mr Rodgers. Cool how anyone can race with the stars eh! My road nationals in short;
- Got in the break with Fly V and Garmin represented.
- Found the going too tough after a lap.
- Fell back to the peleton.
- Found the pace quite manageable.
- Didn't drink anywhere near enough.
Fast forward a few laps.
- Cramped and got dropped on the climb.
- Descended back on while sculling a bottle.
- Sculling was too little too late and I got dropped again...for good.
- Fly V and Garmin represented up the road weren't helping.
- Three riders wasn't enough firepower for HTC-Columbia.
- Break stayed away.
- Travis Meyer follows Cam's ITT jersey with his own road jersy.
Goal for next year, drink like a fish and finish the damn race!

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